Entrepreneurial Secrets From A Lagos Bus Conductor

Bus conductors have long gone into extinction in many countries but in Nigeria , Lagos State particularly, bus conductors remain a popular sight especially in this commercial hub of the country.

Among these bus conductors, certain ways (or maybe rules…who knows) exist which serve as a basis for which they work on everyday in order to remain in business. These rules, trust me when applied by any entrepreneur is sure going to thrive, boost and increase business. You know, these rules are actually known to you but you just never thought of it (well…maybe not until today). Wondering what these rules are? Well…read on these rules and have your business growing and glowing.

Yell Out Loud

Every Lagos conductor understands the need to shout and call the attention of passengers to his bus. You, as an entrepreneur should do the same. Let people know what you are selling through all means:   word of mouth, social media, at conferences or any networking event you find yourself. A bus conductor calls the attention of people because he knows that his bus needs to be filled.  A closed mouth is a closed destiny so never keep quiet about your business, product, skill or job! Tell your children, relatives, friends etc to tell people about what you do.

Hustle Hard

Have you ever noticed that every bus conductor usually rushes competitively to accost passengers with luggage? He helps the passenger with the load into the trunk of his bus. He does this simply because he is aware of the competition amongst his fellow conductors that is his own form of incentive to passengers to lure and get more into his bus, thereby accomplishing his goal for the day. An entrepreneur needs to understand that the physical alone cannot and will not attract clients. You need to leave your comfort zone, go the extra mile and struggle with various incentives to attract customers in order to accomplish his/her set goals be it weekly, monthly or annually.

Don’t Fall Out

Have you ever seen a bus conductor fall off his bus? No! even if policemen chase him or other bus conductors hit his bus hard, he wont fall. That’s the spirit every entrepreneur needs! No matter how hard you hustle, learn to never ever fall but on the off chance you do, stand up, dust off and get back on track again.Truth is that no matter the job or business you are into, there are challenges and for every challenge, there is a solution. Whatever the challenge be ready to accost it, fight it off and see your success soar! No matter your hustle, do not relent, do not give up and do not let go.

Talk to the Boss

Too many times, this most important rule is what many entrepreneurs fail or forget. Notice that even when the bus conductor knows the direction that he is to take after a complete turn, he still asks his boss where they are headed to just so as to be sure of the destination he needs to call passengers for. What this simply means is that, whatever and however you get by your business, for no reason should you forget to talk to God on your destination. Ask him for directions. Tell him to lead your way and you shall be amazed at your output!

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