It’s not all dirt, here are some of the most beautiful roads in Africa [Photos]

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Africa isn’t all about wildlife and conflicts or even just plush and vast uninhabited green lands and famous deserts. There is, of course, the great sceneries, modern architecture and infrastructure you might not find in the West.

And to reach places of some of these diverse sceneries – if you aren’t going by air or sea – it won’t always be through dirt roads as regularly depicted of Africa.

So, in this article, we present to you, not all, but only a handful of the most beautiful roads you might just use on your next trip in Africa, and of course, to help you gather even better photos in great environments.

1) Chapman’s Peak Drive, South Africa

When in South Africa, look out for the Chapman’s Peak Drive, also known as Chappies. There’s no doubt about this: this is one of the most impressive coastal drives on earth. An engineering masterpiece, Chapman’s Peak Drive hugs the mountainside as it makes its way up the peak on the Atlantic Coast in the southern part of South Africa.

The view on this road makes your drive a delightful one; one you might just not be so quick to end and there are always plenty opportunities to shoot amazing photos from views from the top that is truly mesmerizing. Your drive on this scenic road – one of the best in Africa, is worth the money.

2) The River Nile Driveway

Come to Egpyt and you can get to go see the River Nile and also, enjoy its great driveway view. A road trip of historic proportions, Egypt is one of the most tourist friendly countries in Africa.

And with visitors slowly starting to trickle back in after the Arab Spring, now is the perfect time to rent a car and head south, following the gentle bends of the Nile. Why take bus after bus when you and your friends can explore the ruins and temples of the pharaohs at your own pace? Great roads and adequate facilities make this location an ideal place to drive.

3) Namaqualand Flower Route

In Namaqualand, it is pretty much about the beauty of the roads here – which is factual, as much as it is about the environment married to the roads. Namaqualand is synonymous with the best scenic lush-green and colorful wildflowers mostly between July and September.

The Namaqualand Flower Route lies roughly 5 hours north of Cape Town. You can already see evidence of flowers even in Cape Town, and Postberg, a small section of the West Coast National Park close to Langebaan. They get the juices flowing, but the real flower show belongs to a series of drives that centre on the towns of Garies, Springbok, Kamieskroon and Port Nollothway.

However, it is better to head towards this road from the north and then slowly wend the way towards South. Following this route allows for a comfortable ride through the unpaved and narrow road in the region.

4) The Atlas Mountains Road

On the Atlas Mountains, you get to experience the best of many worlds since this area stretches from Morocco through Algeria to Tunisia. Morocco definitely has the lion’s share, or at least the most beautiful peaks in North Africa but it is the beautiful views on the road that excite the imaginations of your mind.

Combined with a good road system, a competent and honest police force, and helpful locals, driving through Berber villages and being offered tea by the road side is one of the best reasons to hop in the car here.

5) Madagascar

Madagascar is one of Africa and the world’s hidden gems. The fourth largest island in the world is difficult to get to and doesn’t necessarily have the best road system. There is just so much to do and see here though. Which is why really taking some time and renting a car is the best way to do it.

With a map, a friend or two, and your own pace, this enormous and incredible island isolated by geography and history is yours to explore!

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